Welcome to the development portal Hedgecode!

This online resource is a full-featured community oriented on the software development and everything that is associated with it. Hedgecode developers will present here to your attention various libraries, applications and plugins of a wide range of uses, developed basically in the Java programming language. Among them are maven plugins, reuse libraries covering the most diverse aspects of programming, implementations of various RFC documents on standardizations and specifications, multifunctional applications focused on working in the Internet environment and more.

All development is carried out within the framework of open source software. For centralized control of the source code the servers with version control systems Subversion and Git are used which are also located in the namespace of the development portal Hedgecode. More information about the used development tools as well as details of possible participation in Hedgecode projects you can found on the development page. The source code is provided for public use under the Hedgecode License, except some components which are based on the Apache ASF 2.0 License.

You can get acquainted with the source code, the latest releases of libraries and plugins and their description on the portal resources lib.hedgecode.org and maven.hedgecode.org. Also at your service is the wiki-portal wiki.hedgecode.org.

You can also discuss various issues related to both general topics of software development and specific software components which are part of the Hedgecode development at our forum.hedgecode.org resource.

If you have any questions about our developed software, you can refer to both the relevant sections of the above forum and directly to the portal maintainer by e-mail: . All questions related to the correct work of the Hedgecode portal as well as possible technical errors can be addressed to e-mail: .

You can provide feasible financial assistance to the project and contribute to further interesting developments on the donation page. We consider it our duty to mention that Hedgecode portal does not set a goal of financial enrichment at the expense of our own developments, and financial assistance is necessary to provide technical support and improve the quality of the portal in which we invest our own free time. Our slogan is "Poor and Pure".